Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some questions

So before I go into my common questions, I just want to say HI and *purr* to all my followers. Once I figure out how to follow you back I will!

My questions today, are some concerns as well, such as why is there no wet food in my bowl, why is the other creature trying to snuggle up to my mommy, why do I not have a better kitty bed then the queen size bed my parents sleep in, and most importantly at this moment, why is my windowsill wet?? I don't like to be wet, as my parents can agree when it comes to bath time I meow and hiss like a pro. Wet windowsills are uncomfortable and cause me to clean myself more then I would wish to at this time. I do not approve of the wet windowsill, and my mother has made it a point to ignore my protests of her not cleaning my wet windowsill. Hell mom I am the queen and we should follow what I say! Also with the bowl not having any wet food in it...get to that!

Although I hear my mommy going into the pantry which means some sort of food for me...and she just got out treats and cat nip!

All my followers, I hope you have a wonderful day, and we all say hello, meow, nose tap, and purr to you! My next blog will have some meaning to it!


  1. Er, did you knock something over that made your windowsill wet? Is it raining and did the rain come in on the sill? So many reasons for a wet windowsill! At least you have windowsills! Our windows don't, but our human has compensated with sufficient kitty trees/condos in front of them. :-)

    P.S. We're cats...Our blogs don't require meaning. We ARE the meaning.

  2. I guess it's rain...that's what my mom says. You don't have windowsills? How can you jump up on the screen to try to attack the squirrels outside? Other creature has taken over my windowsill at the moment...I am not pleased!

  3. We came over from Puss in Boats to say hello!
    We're 12 Cats living in Las Vegas...stop on over sometime!

  4. Yes, rain. Horrible thing that. Can get you all wet.
    You would think someone would have found a cure for it by now. Maybe they have, but just don't use is. Like the empty wet food bowl. We know there is an easy solution for that.