Monday, May 17, 2010

The Family

So being a typing cat, and one who loves technology, I figured it was time to explain a bit about me and my family members. And then update everyone on the going's on of a cat's life.

I am Raven...better known as Tubby, Tubsy, Tubs tubs, or fat cat. I am a big boned, sometimes nice, always demanding attention, normally sitting in the window kitty. My mommy rescued me from the Humane League in Lancaster, PA a little bit over a year ago. I was a mess when she got me, but she decided that I needed a good home with loving parents. I think I got pretty lucky, except when the baths come. I have to get a bath once or twice a week bc I am unable to clean myself bc of my large and beautiful body. I am an extremely spoiled kitty.

Then there is Maya. She is the other creature I speak of in my tweets. She is my one year old sister who thinks that she can take over my window sill, which is not a possibility for her. Mommy and Daddy got her off of craigslist when someone decided they no longer want her. She seems to have a few buttons unscrewed in her head...I have to say this because she is my sister. She likes to suck up to mommy, but I hope mommy sees right through that.

My mommy has another kitty that I have only met once, and when I did we hissed. Her name is Alessa. Alessa is a spoiled brat who loves the outside (something I can only see from my windowsill, hmph.) She is a torti who has a mind of her own and apparently does not like to follow any rules. Mommy and Daddy don't let her come over though, bc she thinks she is too good for other cats...and I say good bc this house is my domain.

Last but not least in the tweets, I talk about this little creature, the hamster. She is the newest pet in this family. Her name is Zoe, and I wish she would go back to where they got her....seriously...

We also have 20 fish...they're ok I suppose, Other creature likes to "play" with them, then daddy yells at her and I am happy.

Then there is mommy and daddy. They're ok when they feed me my treats and wet food. I am not happy when they do not come home directly to me and decide to do side trips. I am the queen! But they're good mommy and daddy. Ok, that's all for now, my paws are tired. I'll talk more about what an amazing cat I am at a later date...


  1. Raven,
    Your house sounds very similar to mine. I'm not as pudgy as you, so I can bathe myself, but I have a sister cat, we used to have a hamster (it went to the hamster wheel in the sky) and we have fish tanks. I was adopted 1+1/2 years ago from the local SPCA.
    Raven (an Indulged Feline) We blog at I do most of the typing because Sammi does't have enough toes.

  2. Hi

    Welcome to blog-land. I gave you a mention on my blog - hopefully you should get some more kitty friends soon.



  3. Hi Raven! Glad to see you here in the blog world, as we don't Tweet or do Facebook.

    We're 3 adoptees: Annie, Nicki and Derry, plus "angel" Chumley, and we live with our human can opener in southeastern Ontario, in Canada.

    Get yourself linked up on the Cat Blogosphere if you haven't already, and you'll find you have more blogging friends than you can keep up with! :-)

  4. Glad to meet all of you and really glad you have a blog because out assistant doesn't do well on Twitter. She never has figured it out. So now we can visit you here. It looks like you have a super family. What nice parents you have to rescue all of you.
    Have a great day.