Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So apparently my busy kitty life has kept me from updating this blog. Mom and dad have been putting the finishing touches on the wedding, so mom has not been around alot to spoil me. Maya and I have been "getting" along, which basically means we have not been swiping at each other EXCEPT for when she tries to take my window seat. Why does she insist on taking my window seat, obviously it is mine, there are marks on it from me, she needs to get away from it. Mom and dad have also been talking about getting us a playmate. They saw a Maine Coon kitty on the Humane League of Lancaster County website. They came to the conclusion that at this point they would be unable to give the adequate love and attention to a new kitty. Which is just fine with me because I demand the majority of the attention. ON a separate note, dad has been sick. I feel as though he thinks the end of the world is coming....he complains and whines, and takes over the spots that I want to sleep in, so then I have to look at him until he moves. We need designated seats for humans, which should consist of the floors. Father's day was also recently, Maya and I got enough money up to get dad Father's Day Cupcakes. He liked them. Well I figure once something more interesting happens, I will post another blog, but until then...mom...dad...get me a kitty condo