Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kitty Tails :-)

The last few days have been way more active and disturbing of my sleep then I would have liked. Mommy and Daddy got their new car, they go some hybrid thing that is supposed to save the world. Who knows maybe it will, but before that how about you put some fresh litter in the litter box so I can play with it? No new pet taxi came with the purchase of this car, which right now I am okay with bc if she had gotten a new pet taxi it would mean a trip to the vet.

I have been enjoying this nice weather that we had been having on the east coast, and mainly spent my days basking in the sunlight of the open window and enjoying the air on my face...until other creature decided she wanted to enjoy the breeze as well. We ended up having a small tiff. This would all end if the other creature did not insist on constantly being near me. I mean there are OTHER windowsills for her to occupy her time with (but of course if I want to get into the windowsills she must vacate them immediately.) Maybe one day she will understand that I am a busy big boned cat that just does not have time to deal with her, until then mom I would like some cat scratching boards with lots of cat nip in them.

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