Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kitty Tails :-)

The last few days have been way more active and disturbing of my sleep then I would have liked. Mommy and Daddy got their new car, they go some hybrid thing that is supposed to save the world. Who knows maybe it will, but before that how about you put some fresh litter in the litter box so I can play with it? No new pet taxi came with the purchase of this car, which right now I am okay with bc if she had gotten a new pet taxi it would mean a trip to the vet.

I have been enjoying this nice weather that we had been having on the east coast, and mainly spent my days basking in the sunlight of the open window and enjoying the air on my face...until other creature decided she wanted to enjoy the breeze as well. We ended up having a small tiff. This would all end if the other creature did not insist on constantly being near me. I mean there are OTHER windowsills for her to occupy her time with (but of course if I want to get into the windowsills she must vacate them immediately.) Maybe one day she will understand that I am a busy big boned cat that just does not have time to deal with her, until then mom I would like some cat scratching boards with lots of cat nip in them.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cat times

Today was an upsetting day...I had zero attention...not even a belly rub before my mid afternoon/evening nap time. It was quite sad, but also gave me time to reflect upon my housemates and how to get rid of the other creatures. I have yet to come up with a fool proof plan, but what I have been thinking kind of goes along these lines...force open the screen in the window and then go after the other creature that eats my food and force her outside...although then I would want to go outside to chase after the squirrels. So maybe that won't work? I'll have to keep reworking my plans! Enjoy your weekend kitty friends!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some questions

So before I go into my common questions, I just want to say HI and *purr* to all my followers. Once I figure out how to follow you back I will!

My questions today, are some concerns as well, such as why is there no wet food in my bowl, why is the other creature trying to snuggle up to my mommy, why do I not have a better kitty bed then the queen size bed my parents sleep in, and most importantly at this moment, why is my windowsill wet?? I don't like to be wet, as my parents can agree when it comes to bath time I meow and hiss like a pro. Wet windowsills are uncomfortable and cause me to clean myself more then I would wish to at this time. I do not approve of the wet windowsill, and my mother has made it a point to ignore my protests of her not cleaning my wet windowsill. Hell mom I am the queen and we should follow what I say! Also with the bowl not having any wet food in it...get to that!

Although I hear my mommy going into the pantry which means some sort of food for me...and she just got out treats and cat nip!

All my followers, I hope you have a wonderful day, and we all say hello, meow, nose tap, and purr to you! My next blog will have some meaning to it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Family

So being a typing cat, and one who loves technology, I figured it was time to explain a bit about me and my family members. And then update everyone on the going's on of a cat's life.

I am Raven...better known as Tubby, Tubsy, Tubs tubs, or fat cat. I am a big boned, sometimes nice, always demanding attention, normally sitting in the window kitty. My mommy rescued me from the Humane League in Lancaster, PA a little bit over a year ago. I was a mess when she got me, but she decided that I needed a good home with loving parents. I think I got pretty lucky, except when the baths come. I have to get a bath once or twice a week bc I am unable to clean myself bc of my large and beautiful body. I am an extremely spoiled kitty.

Then there is Maya. She is the other creature I speak of in my tweets. She is my one year old sister who thinks that she can take over my window sill, which is not a possibility for her. Mommy and Daddy got her off of craigslist when someone decided they no longer want her. She seems to have a few buttons unscrewed in her head...I have to say this because she is my sister. She likes to suck up to mommy, but I hope mommy sees right through that.

My mommy has another kitty that I have only met once, and when I did we hissed. Her name is Alessa. Alessa is a spoiled brat who loves the outside (something I can only see from my windowsill, hmph.) She is a torti who has a mind of her own and apparently does not like to follow any rules. Mommy and Daddy don't let her come over though, bc she thinks she is too good for other cats...and I say good bc this house is my domain.

Last but not least in the tweets, I talk about this little creature, the hamster. She is the newest pet in this family. Her name is Zoe, and I wish she would go back to where they got her....seriously...

We also have 20 fish...they're ok I suppose, Other creature likes to "play" with them, then daddy yells at her and I am happy.

Then there is mommy and daddy. They're ok when they feed me my treats and wet food. I am not happy when they do not come home directly to me and decide to do side trips. I am the queen! But they're good mommy and daddy. Ok, that's all for now, my paws are tired. I'll talk more about what an amazing cat I am at a later date...