Tuesday, January 18, 2011

7 months since last post

Well furiends, there has been much happening in the Tubby household (notice how I made it my own? That's bc I'm queen!) Mom and dad got married in August and left Maya and I for a week, although mom's grandfather and his lady furiend came over to watch us. Everything went well except Maya had a patch of fur on her paw that was losing hair. Mom and dad did not think anything was wrong (although as mom looks back, she wishes she had taken this into consideration more). Mom noticed Maya was not doing well and decided that she needed to be taken to the vet. Mom and dad could never have imagined all that happened from there. Maya had a bacteria infection (which was found possibly too late). The vet (who is a nice lady) gave Maya a shot that was supposed to help with the infection, but it did not. Mom took Maya back to the vet 2 weeks later so she could be rechecked. The vet wanted to do more tests, but felt that they could wait a while. Mom brought Maya home and decided to go grocery shopping. When mom came back, she found Maya on the floor and not moving. Mom started crying and called the vet who told her to bring Maya back right away. So mom did, they ended up sending Maya to the emergency vet. Maya had a blood transfusion and numerous other things done. Mom and dad were unable to completely afford the bills, so mom's parent's helped mom out (although she payed them back right away). They brought Maya home after she spent 3 days in the hospital. Mom knew that she would not hold on much longer and was unable to spend the last night with Maya. Dad woke up at 5am, just in time to hold Maya as she passed on to Rainbow Bridge. It was a very difficult time for mom and dad, and thankfully mom's grandfather came to the house to take Maya to the vet so she could be cremated. Everyone at the vets was very sad, and our vet even cried and gave mom a huge hug when she saw her next time. While I did not always get along with Maya, I was a bit sad, but I was more there for mom and dad, gave them lots of cuddles, and even tried my hardest to get along with the new kitty mom and dad had brought home shortly before Maya passed away.

New cat #1: Tiny

Tiny is a Maine Coon cat that mom and dad adopted at the Humane Leauge in Lancaster, PA. They went to look at cats but dad told mom that she was absolutely not getting a new cat. Well mom stuck to that, but dad did not. He saw Tiny and fell in love with him instantly. Tiny was in bad shape regarding his fur and was scared of humans. Oh and for your info, Tiny is not tiny, he is a big fluff ball of muscle and annoyance. He and I get along better then Maya and I did, but still he does not respect my space and takes all my food! (although he doesn't eat hard food, so I don't have to keep him from eating that)

Well during this time of all the change, mom and dad also decided that they did not want to live in an apartment anymore and bought a house. AND WE HAVE A CAT ROOM! Oh a room that is solely OUR room! My parents can be cool sometimes I suppose, esp when they give me my treats...hint hint mom I want treats *brief intermission*

Ok I am back, got me some yummy Whiska's. Well in the last 2 weeks mom and dad adopted another kitty (and are going to become foster parents for cats as well) from an organization called Itty Bitty Kitty in Allentown, PA (if you want a cat and live in the eastern area of PA, check it out! And maybe you'll meet me!)

New cat # 2: Memphis

Memphis is a Maine Coon mix. Mom and dad saw him at a PetSmart in the area and mom fell in love with him (and knowing dad's love of Maine Coon's, she promptly showed Memphis to him). Well I am still getting to know Memphis, quite a lot of hissing has been going on. Tiny has gotten used to him more, although Memphis loves to play (and he is a bit younger then us so has more activity in him). Tiny is not quite used to that, so he will hiss sometimes, as well as Memphis loves to snuggle with us, and neither of us are ok with that yet. ESPECIALLY ME! Mom said she will allow me to use her camera soon so I can post some pictures (wouldn't this be easier if she just bought me my OWN camera??)

Well all, my paws are getting tired. I will update more often I suppose, as well as I get a few treats. Good night all, on to nap number 10 of the day.

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